7 Ways Drones are Transforming Industries in 2018

1. Drone to your door

Fantastically futuristic, Amazon has already announced its plan to launch the ‘Prime Air’ service that will deliver lightweight items to your door by drone in under 30 minutes. Though we do not have an exact date yet, the thought of drones replacing mail vans feels like the future has

The Commercial Drone Industry in 2018: Expectations & Predictions

2017 was a very significant year for commercial drones. Drones got accepted into more industries. On a global scale, more than 66,000 remote pilots were certified. And major companies have started accepting pilots, from remote locations.

In Africa, more firms and enterprises have started accepting the use of Drones on their construction sites and farms. In total, Drones

2017: The Year of The Drone

Jan 2017: A New Lease on Life 

We ventured into the new year, with a new lease on life as we began our expansion into key industries, providing Industrial applications in the areas of Construction, Agriculture, Inspection & Media. We had said to ourselves, “We’ve been monitoring Ghana’s skies for a while now and well established in the media landscape of Drones, how about we

Four Ways Drones Will Save your Construction Budget

Drones are amazing multi-tasking pieces of hardware, aren’t they? Whether surveying land for topography models or performing engineering inspections, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming increasingly useful for construction projects.

“But how are they saving me money?!” is something we usually hear. How about if we told you that the use of

Drones in Construction: 4 Instant Benefits

Drones may have started out as merely a toy for hobbyists and photographers, however, they have now become a number one tool must-have in the construction industry. Over the past 18 months, researchers have seen an enormous increase in the number of businesses using drones in construction, and it's going to keep rising.

Construction processes are complicated

An Aero-Shutter Project with Edward Burtynsky

During the past week, we were privileged to work with world-renowned Photographer and Videographer, Edward Burtynsky on a non-governmental project in Ghana - a thrilling experience to say the least! It was a week-long project spanning different locations across Accra and we were hired to provide aerial footage for the duration of this project.

Edward Burtynsky is a

The Business Impact of Using Drones in Agriculture

Unmanned aerial vehicles have quickly entered our daily reality. And if a few years ago a flying drone in the sky gathered the attention of passers-by, nowadays the propeller making sounds is just another component of the city noise.

But while for many spheres a drone is only a promising tool that can improve the efficiency of the company, for the agricultural

How Drones are Improving Safety on Construction Sites

As drones become prominent on construction sites across the globe, conversations about the risks of the new technology continue to arise. It’s oftentimes difficult convincing risk-management experts within an organization, that drones will not expose the company to any safety mishaps, but rather improve the safety practices.


Why Drones in Construction is the way forward: An Aeroshutter Case Study

In the last few years, the use of drones has become more commonplace in the construction industry. Loads of companies are realizing the vital role that drones play in the area of construction. Whether they’re used for surveying, showing clients an aerial overview of completed projects, monitoring jobsites to ensure safe practices or inspect structures, drones

Drones and Agriculture in Ghana

Precision agriculture is a farming management concept that uses drones for agriculture to measure, observe, and respond to variability found in crops. It is important to adopt this model if we are to meet the food demand by 2050.

From automated planting to crop management with real-time monitoring, drones have a vital role to play in the future of farming. Although unmanned

Aeroshutter seeks to advance drone Technology in Construction and Agriculture

With great success they say, comes more work. This has been our story. Founded in 2014, we began with Aerial photography and videography for small and medium businesses, but that quickly grew into what AeroShutter as a business is today. A business that now seeks to advance into key industries, most notably - Agriculture, Construction and Mining. We’ve been a few months