2017: The Year of The Drone

Jan 2017: A New Lease on Life 

We ventured into the new year, with a new lease on life as we began our expansion into key industries, providing Industrial applications in the areas of Construction, Agriculture, Inspection & Media. We had said to ourselves, “We’ve been monitoring Ghana’s skies for a while now and well established in the media landscape of Drones, how about we start adding some value in these industries?”

And that’s how the Journey started…


February 2017: Aero Arcade

We introduced what many thought was a “Queer” Sport - Drone Racing with a well-attended showcase, which brought together a good number of the Drone enthusiast in Ghana. This is a sport where many are making careers out of, regardless of age - so if they can, why can’t we?

While this was a first attempt at introducing a world-renowned Sport into the West-African Market, It was well received with well over 25 signees on the first day. We went on to begin training our signees, giving them the rudiments of Drone Racing, both flight and technicals. We intend to relaunch this in a grand way, come 2018


March/April 2017: The Merger

We began the registration process for a license with GCAA and realized the need for a bigger institution as a company. That was when AeroShutter’s paths crossed with Heptagon Drones. They were an SME, offering Drone Solutions in the Accra region, and their work was top notch.

We began the merger process mid-March, integrated key components of both businesses and by April 2nd, AeroShutter was a bigger company with a larger Clientele base and a more diverse team of not just Drone pilots but developers, creatives and business analysts.


May/July 2017: Laying the Groundwork

We began major inroads into Construction & Agriculture, securing our first gigs in these months. We were privileged to work with some of Ghana’s top Construction firms and Commercial farms, helping them surpass their key data KPI’s. We strengthened our License acquiring process, scoring a remarkable feat as the first Ghanaian Drone Service Solution Company to begin this process, ticking all the requirements as stipulated by the GCAA.

We also began our Internship program, as a way of giving back to the Nation. This year we had two Interns spend 4-6 months with us, as they gathered skills that will be useful to them in the long run. We hope to welcome them back after they are done with School.

We got to work with a talented digital Illustrator, Welbie, on a digital series, “AeroDoodle” adding a twist to the aerials. We garnered well over 100,000 impressions on our Social media platforms, thanks to this partnership.

We also added some new Drones to the current fleet. We went from a fleet of 4 to 9 Drones made up of phantoms, Inspire’s and Mavics.


August/September 2017: The New Direction & Drones Africa Summit

We made official, our new lane in Agriculture & Construction, with a promise of the same sterling quality we’ve always delivered on. We were few months in and our clients were already witnessing incredible ROI’s. In as much as our expansion story was inspiring, we were often faced with the questions - Why Agriculture or Construction? Is Ghana ready for such technological advancement?

As a result, we had to spend these months convincing a good majority of the players in this industry about the key data benefits of using Drones on Construction sites or Farmlands.

We also recorded a great feat, working with the Ministry of Roads & Highways on several occasions, monitoring traffic across the City. Our CEO/Founder, Kwamena hazel, was also invited as a key panelist at the Drones Africa Summit. This was well attended, with AeroShutter getting a lot of kudos for our work, using Drones for good in the West Africa region.


October - December 2017: Nima, Edward Burtynsky & 2017 Final Quarter

We did more socially cautious work in these months, taking the Iconic Nima/Kanda Image which showed the gross inequality in that area. It’s still an aerial Image that loads of people still comment about.

We also got to work with Edward Burtynsky, who many know as a world-renowned Videographer, with his work featured in Museums & Festivals, the world over.This was a solid moment for us. We also spent these months, giving the last push and concluding existing long-term projects we had undertaken with some of our partners.

It was indeed a year of pleasant surprises which we as a Company are really thankful for. We look forward to 2018 with a lot of excitement!

To our Clients, Business Partners and Solution Partners, thanks for sticking with us - let’s do more in 2018.