The Commercial Drone Industry in 2018: Expectations & Predictions

2017 was a very significant year for commercial drones. Drones got accepted into more industries. On a global scale, more than 66,000 remote pilots were certified. And major companies have started accepting pilots, from remote locations.

In Africa, more firms and enterprises have started accepting the use of Drones on their construction sites and farms. In total, Drones have become an integral part of the construction and Agricultural processes. It’s an exciting time for our industry.

Here at AeroShutter, we’ve been close to the action, helping companies maximize efficiency, on their Construction sites and farmlands, with the use of Drones. Our customers have used drones to improve safety, increase efficiency, cut costs, and drive ROI. We think this is just the beginning.

What’s next as our industry continues to grow and mature in 2018? How will drones continue to transform workflows and generate insights in new and innovative ways?

Consumerization of Drone Hardware Continues; Services Drive Industry Ahead

Consumerization isn’t a new trend. Tech giants like Apple and Google have been using this model for years to create products simple enough for the consumer, but powerful enough for the enterprise (Hello, iPhone). The drone industry is no different. We believe that in the new year, this would be a major improvement on how commercial Drones are perceived.

Greater acceptance on the use of Drones in Industries

In 2017, we saw some major players throw their hat into the ring. We saw major improvements in the Agriculture and Construction sector, and we also saw the introduction of the Telcos, Oil & Gas and medical industries into the Drone catalog. We’re sure to expect more inductions in the coming years.

In-House Drone Programs Become Mainstream

2017 was, without a doubt, the year of the enterprise drone program. We saw the number of internal programs surge as companies decided to bring operations in-house. This change is to be expected, just as IT departments began popping up when large firms started adopting computers.

First Large-Scale Fleet Deployments

In 2017, we saw a shift in the commercial drone space. Particularly, the number of enterprises adopting drones. As more companies move past proof of concept and expand operations in 2018, we expect to see the first large-scale deployments take to the skies. What will this look like?

Drones Enter a New Era of Automation

As more large companies put drones to work, we can expect to see a greater need for automated flight and workflows. More APIs and integrations will connect drone data with industry tools downstream, eliminating silos and driving collaboration across organizations.

It’s bound to be an exciting year for Drones in general and we’re just happy to be a part of this movement.

Source: DroneDeploy