Aeroshutter seeks to advance drone Technology in Construction and Agriculture

With great success they say, comes more work. This has been our story. Founded in 2014, we began with Aerial photography and videography for small and medium businesses, but that quickly grew into what AeroShutter as a business is today. A business that now seeks to advance into key industries, most notably - Agriculture, Construction and Mining. We’ve been a few months down this road, and the ROI for both us and our clients have been amazing.

A key factor that helped actualise this expansion, was our merger with Heptagon drones - also a drone service startup based out of accra. We are two entities gunning for the same results hence, the merger made the entire expansion process faster and more efficient. We were able to build a more diverse team of not just drone pilots but developers, creatives and business analysts.

In as much as our expansion story has been inspiring, it’s come with it’s own challenges. We’re often faced with the question - Why Agriculture or Construction? Is Ghana ready for such technological advancement? The answer is simple - Agriculture and Construction is the backbone of growing a better Ghana.

The newly installed Government has been perceived to be keen on infrastructure and Agriculture. Applying drones in these industries takes care of a few loopholes. Drones monitor these big money construction projects, hence, we’re taking care of accountability from a Government perspective.

With Agriculture, we are mapping farmlands, analyzing plant health and maximizing yield and plant counting - this not only helps farm owners make better and more accurate business decisions but they are able to measure growth and in the long run, maximise plant yield.

In addition, Aerial data is faster, cheaper and more accurate. Having a huge farmland surveyed in just a few minutes saves any business, money and time. Having a 3D model created to ascertain accuracy in your project is revolutionary. We’re generating key data that serves the needs of the farmers, architects and construction firms. This is what we’re offering and it’s only the beginning of what drone technology is capable of. With drones, these industries are made way more efficient than already are.

Is Ghana ready for this technological advancement though? Of course she is. We’ve been privileged to kick start this journey with a few big firms, both indigenous and expatriate, and they appreciate the data we provide on a weekly basis. Of course it takes time, but the big farmers are gradually warming up to the technology. They see that it’s cutting cost and providing accurate farm data, so it’s only a matter of time before they come calling for our services, but we’re certain that we’re on the right path. Our clients are happy, and it’s our job to ensure they stay happy. The excitement on the faces of our clients when they see the data we provide is priceless!

Although we’re grateful for our progress so far, there’s still a lot more to do. Getting our RPAS Operating Certificate from the GCAA is definitely an important next step for us. GCAA has finally developed a roadmap for licensing of operations for companies like us and we’ve already begun the process of acquiring one. With our operating certificate we can guarantee clients of safety and confidence behind our day to day operations.

We see a bright future for drone technology, especially in Africa. There’s no limit to its application so it’s in our long term goals to begin servicing other industries like Oil and Gas and security. Also, building systems that integrate the use of drones and processing of data is important for us. In a nutshell, getting stronger as a ‘drone service’ firm is our key goal for say, the next 5 years.

Have we left the media business of drones? Of course not! That’s where we started - that’s our foundation and of course, we can’t say no to money.

So stay glued - the story has only begun!