Drones in Construction: 4 Instant Benefits

Drones may have started out as merely a toy for hobbyists and photographers, however, they have now become a number one tool must-have in the construction industry. Over the past 18 months, researchers have seen an enormous increase in the number of businesses using drones in construction, and it's going to keep rising.

Construction processes are complicated and involve numerous stakeholders from initial site survey through to progress updates and marketing. At each stage of the process, drones provide a unique opportunity to increase efficiency and subsequently reduce costs. Companies that already use drones as part of their everyday kit are seeing immense benefits to their construction processes.

While we as a business are pioneering the adoption of Drones in Construction in Ghana, West-Africa, Site managers still find it difficult understanding what they stand to benefit. This article aims to clear those doubts.

Surveying Speed

Drones in construction have made the task of surveying land much easier and more cost-effective. Equipped with a surveying specific software, the surveyor can fly the drone over the stretch of land, collect images and use photogrammetry software such as Pix4D to generate 2D/3D structural models, volumetric measurements, and topographical maps. Ultimately, surveyors will be able to focus more on analyzing the data rather than spending time trying to acquire it using traditional surveying methods.

Improved Progress Updates

An important part of any construction project is providing progress updates to management and clients. Images and videos recorded from a drone can be merged together to provide a short time-lapse video highlighting the progress being made on site. As a result, Project supervisors and clients will be better informed of what’s being achieved and can ultimately make more educated decisions without needing to physically attend the site. Software within the drone enables it to follow a predefined flight path every time in order to maintain consistency of progress reports.

Improved Safety

Most importantly, drones increase safety on construction sites which are known to be one of the most dangerous working environments. Drones can now fly and inspect potentially hazardous areas where it was previously only possible on foot. Gone are the days of sending workers up scaffolding to inspect high structures whilst risking serious injury. Deploy a drone and the job can be done safer and more efficiently, whilst providing real-time video footage.

Identify Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable in all construction projects, however, it’s the speed at which they are identified that determines the implications it has on the project. Regular drone inspections of a site can unearth mistakes much quicker, therefore enabling swift action. With an aerial view, drones can identify errors that are less visible to the human eye from a lower level.

Where do I Start?

Currently, AeroShutter is well equipped to provide your construction site with the much needed aerial support it needs and we’re the best at it. Hit us up: Info@aeroshuttergh.com